Thank you for visiting my instructional design page!

To explore the training I built for the cGPA training challenge, follow the steps below. Utilizing an abbreviated form of the ADDIE model, I used feedback from my peers to design and develop an interactive, asynchronous e-learning module. I’ve implemented the training with a small group of learners to evaluate the success of the training, and thus far all learners have been able to successfully meet the learning objectives of the course. I’ve also created a job aid for the student experience team to refer to on future calls.

Absolutely feel free to give me feedback in the survey section! Something that agile learning design, ADDIE, Dick and Carey, and other adult learning theories all have in common is evaluating a training’s results and making modifications to make it more effective. As an aspiring instructional designer, feedback is the best possible gift I can receive.

Step One: Take the e-learning course on cGPA.

Step Two: Take the post-learning survey.

Step Three: Download the job aid for future reference.